What we offer

We offer affordable and expedient solution to the complex task of detecting duplicate content in written works. Check any text for partial or exact copies of the content available online through multiple search engines, Google Books, Google Scholar, and our proprietary database of scientific manuscripts published offline, and receive fast and accurate results in just seconds!

With prices starting from only $9.95, NBridge Plagiarism Finder is a premier instrument in preventing copyright breaches.

Who Should Use Plagiarism Finder

Anyone who creates written content needs assurance that his or her piece doesn't breach intellectual property rights and institutional regulations. Our clients:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Publishers
  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Bloggers
  • Researchers
  • Lawyers

Ensure compliance and peace of mind by using one of the most sophisticated plagiarism detection software packages, constantly updated with more professional capabilities and additional tools.

Leading Plagiarism Checker

NBridge invention has scored appreciation all over the world. More than 50 media companies and over 20 large educational institutions have already selected this proficient application as their primary mechanism in eradicating illegal use of other people's intellectual property.

Our clients

20+ educational institutions and 50+ media outlets are already using Plagiarism Finder

Plagiarism Finder Awards

It has received industry 15 awards worldwide

A bit of statistics

More than 7,000 individual users, and this number is growing every day;

Plagiarism Finder Benefits

The product has its own database of articles from magazines and works not accessible online, which is constantly updated

Automatic Updates

New versions are released every few months.


The product is available in several versions, which makes it universal for all types of users

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What is special

Plagiarism Finder by NBridge offers quick detection of previously published exerts in texts. With the help of this application students can check their work before submission to ensure it will pass plagiarism checkers, and teachers' job of finding copies becomes simpler. Cross-referencing allows lecturers to notice similar passages in assignments of a particular class or group. Being able to instantly identify unoriginal paragraphs is also a great assistance for researchers, journalists, and blog writers. Unintentional plagiarism may not be forgiven, and properly investigating a chosen topic is the responsibility of the writer. For publishers, running a swift check of submitted stories for plagiarism is a compulsory requirement to have a piece of mind. Copyright violation may become an expensive oversight.

Nbridge Difference

If you are seeking a cheap plagiarism checker, Nbridge Plagiarism Finder combines affordability with deep text analysis. It checks through more search engines and databases (including Google Books and Google Scholar), while being substantially more affordable than its analogues. Constant updates and cross-checking against its own unique database increase its ability to find duplicate content.

Lifetime License

When you buy Plagiarism Finder, you are granted a lifetime license for the products, including free software updates.

Sparkling Results for a Reduced Price

Most analogues available on the Internet offer less and charge more. NBridge Plagiarism Finder will help you get precise answers without burdening your budget. Sign up today for a trial, and you may become another raving fan!



Liftetime license

Unlimited checks

Detailed report

Free lifetime technical support

PDF and Webpage Scan





*Basic level will suit students and school pupils, who want to check their assignments before sending them in. It allows to search 1 document at a time, allows to view results of the search (without saving).



Liftetime license

Unlimited checks

Detailed reports that can be saved

Free lifetime technical support

PDF and Webpage Scan

Keywords counter

Check multiple files at once



*Advanced version would suit bloggers, publishers, small media outlets, website owners. It offers the ability to find keywords density in addition to finding identical phrases, compare several documents with each other. The report can be saved.



Liftetime license

Unlimited checks

Detailed reports that can be saved

Free lifetime technical support

PDF and Webpage Scan

Keywords counter

Check multiple files at once

Compare documents between themselves


*Professional version is aimed to educational institutes, schools, colleges, universities, allowing users to compare several documents at the same time. It's a powerful plagiarism checker that offers deep investigation by small segments, cross referencing, and permits loading several files in a queue in bulk.

Purchase Information

Plagiarism Finder can be ordered online over the Internet using all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and others), PayPal, QIWI, WebMoney, Wire transfer, etc. All data is transmitted using the secure (encrypted) HTTP protocol according to the current SSL standard.

*Euro, UK Pounds and other currencies are available for payment during order. VAT may apply for European purchasers.

We provide immediate delivery of all orders. A License Key will be emailed to you within just a few minutes of placing an order – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once you purchase any of our products, you will receive:

  • A full version of the software without restrictions;
  • Comprehensive support;
  • Life-time license that never expires;

What Users Say

I found Nbridge Plagiarism Finder easy to install and to use. The speed of checks is impressive. I tried using another online plagiarism checker before but it was missing some fragments. All in all, it was the best $10 I spent for a long time. Now I am confident that my work will pass the most stringent checks.

Raymond Martin

This application is very cheap for its functionality. I had it updated to the latest version, which didn't cost me any extra. It's a brilliant instrument, and I have already recommended Plagiarism Finder to my students and colleagues.

Bailey Callahan

I use Plagiarism Finder every day. It is so simple to use. Sometimes I am surprised than my articles turn to be not as original as I imagined them to be. But it also means I can give them a quick makeover by removing unoriginal fragments. All it takes is just a few minutes. I feel that this tool has made me a better writer.

Justin Trent


  • This is a proprietary software, only available from this website.
  • Lifetime updates and improvements are included with your license.
  • 1 computer requires 1 license — Contact us for special deals for academic organizations and schools.
  • Don't run the danger of being sued for copyright infringement or accused of plagiarism — get the highly acclaimed NBridge utility today.

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Check it for yourself free of charge! Complimentary demo version is accessible for all operating system and devices. It will enable you to run 10 checks, before upgrading to a lifetime license (including free updates).